Wireless Condition Monitoring is an ensemble of various components that make it one of the most effective, robust and high performance systems in the market today.


Check your production facilities at a glance from everywhere in the world!

  • For your critical machines – our solution: the online wired monitoring system
  • For your inaccessible machines – our solution: the online wireless monitoring system
  • For the overall of your business – our solution: the portable data collector

Wireless Condition Monitoring automatically acquires vibration signals (including time waveform and FFTs) on one or three vibration axes, together with temperature data. In this way, your machines are kept under close watch, smart enough, the system automatically triggers measurements if the vibration levels exceed predefined threshold limits.

Signals of up to 16 K-samples are transmitted wireless, for accurate and targeted diagnosis of all kinds of faults on all types of rotating machinery.

Worldwide UseWorldwide use: from 50 m to 10,000 km, from PC or MAC, from office, home, airport….