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Accelerometer Calibration
Customers will benefit from the latest accelerometer calibration system, designed to automate transducer calibration, improve overall calibration accuracy, and enhance compliance. Test configuration and test data are stored in a database with extensive cross-reference to enhance traceability and record keeping. User reports are generated giving sensitivity figures over the entire frequency range 2Hz to 10 kHz, percentage and dB deviation in both tabular and graphical formats. When absolute acceleration values are essential, let ETS Solutions calibrate your vibration accelerometer. We will save you labour costs associated with the upkeep of calibration records, engineering time in calibration procedures and guarantee your accelerometer is returned to you, UKAS calibrated, and ready for use. We adhere to the latest ISO/IEC 17025 international standard ensuring traceable and accredited calibration. As a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory for vibration accelerometers – no. 4110, we can calibrate any make of accelerometer; offer technical advice and spare parts from our Service Centre.

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