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Basic CourseĀ  & Practice

The advanced course provides engineer more in- depth understanding into the various analysis that are carried out from the vibration testing results. It will introduce participants on advance frequency domain based analysis technique used to analyze the vibration test results. Damping Ratio and Mode Shape will also be covered in depth.


Subjects Covered

Advanced methodology on performing Vibration Analysis. Introducing Frequency Response Function measurement, together with Damping Ration and Mode Shape analysis. It will also cover the introduction of Finite Element Analysis as simulation tool during vibration analysis process. The course puts an emphasis on practical aspects of advanced method, culminating in the opportunity for every delegate to perform vibration analysis.


Course Highlights

  • Practical Applications backed by theory
  • Live Demo using a shaker, and state of the art controller
  • Understanding the Frequency Response Function
  • Understanding the Mode Shape
  • Introducing the Damping Ratio
  • Sharing the concept of Finite Element Analysis


Our Trainer Background

Our trainer has vast working experience in the OEM automotive industry as a vehicles engineering designer. A NVH engineer with experienced in CAE test simulation modelling and also involved in implementing vibration and acoustic testing, measurement and analysis engineering process to validate the new prototype models.

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers who are new to structural vibration analysis.
  • Engineers who are running vibration test systems and wish to improve & have more in-depth knowledge
  • Engineers and technicians who are developing products which is subjected to vibration environment.
  • Engineers who are conducting dynamic analysis by Finite Element Analysis software.
  • Engineers about to purchase a vibration analysis software.
  • Managers of those involved in the activities listed above should also attend.


Class Room Course conducted in Singapore – Venue to be advised

Costs incurred to provide training to employees for the purposes of the trade and business quality as Expenditure under PIC*

Enjoy Cash Pay-Out or Tax Deduction / Allowances on Courses Fees

* check with your Accountant for more details


How to Register

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