Control Systems

Signal Conditions and Data Acquisition System

Complete portfolio solution for noise and vibration testing can be offered with the ETS Solutions vibration testing system. We can offer entry-level vibration control system till high-end control system. The control system will combine optimal ease of use with the performance and reliability of an advanced system.

The system offers accurate closed-loop shaker control and a maximum of built-in safety mechanisms, which minimize the risks of damaging costly test items. User guidance and secure automation capabilities deliver maximum productivity and enable testing teams to meet critical deadlines.


  • Configurable from 2 to 2000+ channels
  • Input signal conditioning: Voltage, ICP, charge, strain, tacho *
  • Output conditioning and signal generation
  • Autonomus recording on Compact Flash card*
  • On-the-spot validation of measured data*
  • Wireless PDA smart control with Bluetooth communication
  • On-board GPS and CAN*
  • Parallel data streaming to internal memory & PC*
  • Easy-to-use recorder software for acquisition measurement set-up, instant data validation and data export*

* Available only in high end control system

Aerospace Engineering

  • Ground Vibration & Modal Survey Testing
  • Operational Modal Analysis
  • Dynamic testing & qualification of Jet engines

Automotive Engineering

  • Engine noise & vibration testing
  • Squeak & Rattle testing
  • Sound power testing
  • Acoustic intensity testing
  • Sound quality
  • Pass-by noise testing
  • Acoustic material testing
  • Modal testing and analysis

Heavy machinery testing

  • Modal Testing and analysis

Wind energy & power generation system testing

Off-road, construction and agricultural vehicles

Consumer and business electronics acoustic and vibration testing

Sine Control

  • Swept Sine Control
  • Tracked Sine Dwell
  • Sine Notching
  • Throughput recording
  • Online Sine Reduction

Random Control

  • Response limiting
  • SoR, RoR, SoRoR
  • Kurtosis
  • Online Random & Acoustic Reduction


  • Shock Control
  • Measured Pulse
  • SRS, SRA
  • Transient Capture


  • Test Sequencing
  • Analysis: ODS
  • Time animation
  • Modal analysis, Compare runs