ONEPROD NEST is a modular condition-based maintenance software suite. All users have access to extremely accurate functions and interfaces, depending on their profile, in order to maximize their productivity in their daily work.

All monitoring data (continuous, periodic, multi-technique) is managed within a central database.

Processing this data as a whole offers unique analysis capabilities, and enables information for an entire factory to be displayed through a single interface.






Are you looking for condition-based maintenance information that is clear, concise and easy to understand? SUPERVISION provides exactly that, for everyone involved in maintaining industrial machinery in operational conditions.

The SUPERVISION module is very intuitive and resolutely visual, and makes condition monitoring available to staff at all responsibility levels regardless of prior expertise.

The summary view provides explicit at-a-glance information about the machines’ condition. Reports are instantly accessible from anywhere around the world, via an ordinary internet connection.


The machine setup module allows any maintenance operator to easily set up vibration measurements.

The machine is described in a very easy way using a simple drag and drop tool. By entering kinematic information (power, rotation speed, and so on) about the machine, the configuration to be used with the FALCON portable data collector’s automatic diagnosis system can be generated automatically. For any other machine, the only additional step required is to select one of the measurement point templates supplied with the device.

No vibration engineering skills are required.


The analyst module is the most productive analysis tool on the market. As well as the full range of conventional analysis tools, it includes powerful features such as a defect detection grid, spectrum concatenation and automatic post-processing.

All users of the ANALYST module also benefit from dedicated technologies based on ONEPROD’s 40 years of expertise in the predictive maintenance of rotating assets (bearing defect factor, shock finder filter for low-speed shafts, gearbox condition indicator, electrical signature analysis, and so on).

For expert users, NEST guarantees the best possible analysis in the shortest possible time.