About Us

The ETS Solutions success has always been based on providing affordable systems with the latest technology and providing responsive timely service. Our talented engineering team works continuously on development of new products and improvement of the existing product range. This has enabled ETS Solutions to deliver products in a shorter time period without compromising quality or cost. We have been successful offering products that exceed the specifications of other vibration equipment manufacturers.

ETS Solutions is formed by a team of engineers with different professional experiences in the vibration and shock testing industry. With vast exposures and experiences of more than 50 years in the industry, we have the virtue of being leaner and high adaptability to integrate different advanced vibration and shock system technologies in our product.

Our superb engineering team works effortlessly in constant improvement of our product range with the latest available technology.

This enables us to improve our ability to deliver in a shorter time without compromising our excellent quality.

Now a major force in the industry, ETS Solutions offers a broad range of vibration testing equipment to a global base of customers. Installations in more than 30 countries attest to our global position. We have been given the opportunity by our value customers to offer their organization; reasonably priced systems, high performance, long term reliability and outstanding service.


ETS Solutions Asia Pte Ltd, Asia Pacific head office, is a strategic business unit setup in 2009 with the head office located in Singapore. The ETS Solutions Asia Pacific SBU offers extensive turnkey solutions in the field of vibration and acoustic engineering. The SBU incorporates its own experiences in the field of vibration and shock testing with specialised solutions from other strategic partners for the customers in the Asia Pacific region from diversified industries. The office actively works to establish local teams or representatives in the region to offer our dedicated and direct support its regional customers in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.




ETS Solutions has highly competent staff with vast experience in the development and production process.  Our scope of business include the following:

Design, Develop and supply complex vibration, shock & Bump Testing Machine and solutions to wide spectrum of industry verticals like Aerospace, Space, Electronics, Automotive, Testing Laboratories & Medical.

  • Expert consultation
  • Solutions for most tasks
  • High quality and reliable products
  • Excellent response by qualified service engineers
  • Available worldwide


We are different from our competitors by virtue of being leaner, more flexible and integration of different vibration testing system technologies. Our superb technical team is constantly improving & innovating our products. This enables us to deliver in a shorter time without compromising our excellent quality.

Company History

▼    Corporation registration – 10.02.2003

▼    Start of business activities – 19.03.2003

▼    Conclusion of a first contract:  Entela (USA) – June 23rd, 2003

▼    No. of finished systems in field of vibration testing > 2000

▼    No. of employees at present ~ 250 + (UK, US, China, Singapore, Thailand, India)

▼    ETS Solutions and CASC joint venture, With initial US$6 million registered capital ~ 2008

Current Facilities

▼    Production Area  ~ 24,000m2

▼    Administration Area  ~ 5,00m2



  • Incorporation of ETS Solutions in USA and China;
  • Award of first Contract with ENT, USA – Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory


  • Setup of ETS Solutions Asia Business Unit


  • Developed and launch new LS series vibration testing system that is capable to carry out 100mm stroke vibration test;
  • Establish outstanding sales and representatives worldwide in 24 countries;
  • Implemented and maintain a Quality Management System to fulfil ISO 9001:2000 for the scope in Design, Development and Production of Vibration Testing System, Shock Tester and Dynamic Testing Instruments


  • Established new 6000sqm factory space for system assembly in Suzhou High Technology Industrial Park (China);
  • Developed and launch new advanced features MPA Series Digital Modulated Power Amplifier
  • Established Partnership with CVMSL UK for worldwide technical support services;
  • Established UK Engineering Centre for System Research and Design


  • Achieved European CE standards with full testing and certification from TUV-SUD Product Service GmbH (Germany);
  • Developed and launch new High Force Water Cooled Vibration Testing System with high performance Dual Hydrostatic Bearings


  • Established Joint Venture with CASC with initial US$6million registered capital in develop system to test space vehicles


  • Extend the Quality Management System to fulfil ISO 9001:2000 for the scope in Research & Design, Technical Services, Development and Production of Vibration Testing System, Shock Tester and Dynamic Testing Instrument;
  • Incorporation of ETS Solutions Asia direct office in Singapore as Asia Pacific Sales and Technical Centre;
  • Developed and Launch new high performance H844A (80kN) water cooled


  • Developed and launch our MDOF Shaker series, a simultaneous multi-axis vibration testing system with unique spherical hydrostatic bearings;
  • Developed and launch one of the world largest 300kN water cooled shaker for ultra large size test specimen up to 10ton;
  • Delivered one of the world largest test table, 3m x 3.5m guided head expander and slip table each with a dedicated 200kN vibration testing system for high speed locomotive testing


  • Established direct sales and support office in Thailand to provide local support to our customers;
  •  Delivered a 100kN vibration testing system with 1.5m slip table in the Asia Pacific region outside China to a renowned testing centre in Singapore


  •  Launch of 30ton shaker system


  • ETS Solutions Developed the World Largest 1400kN 4 Post Thrust Vibration Test System and Successfully Applied to Test Heavy Mining Vehicles


  •  ETS Solutions Developed the Largest Dual Thrust Excitation Vibration Test Systems and Successfully Applied to the CZ-5 Rocket Testing Program;
  • Established direct sales and support office in Germany, Europe to provide local and faster support to our customers


  • ETS Solutions Developed the 70ton Vibration Test Systems;
  • Established direct sales and support office in India to provide better support to our customers


  • Established ISO 17025 ETS Solutions Asia SAC-SINGLAS Accredited Laboratory