Training Courses

ETS Solutions offers basic and advanced training courses designed for engineers and technicians new to the subjects as vibration testing, durability testing, acoustic measurement and also offering a useful refresher course for more experienced users. Don’t miss out this opportunity to learn more and keep ahead of your competition by learning and using the latest technology available!

Join an ETS training to:

  • Learn state-of-the-art methods and strategies, technologies, development processes and best practices
  • Be informed about ETS’s competence in vibration testing systems
  • Apply these methods to optimize components and systems saving time and money

We believe that transferring our methods and knowledge is essential for enhancing our customer’s skills.
We will equip all our customers with all the technology information you need to take your knowledge to the next level.


Advanced Structural Vibration Analysis
Duration: 3 Days
February, July, December
The advanced course provides engineer more in- depth understanding into the various analysis that are carried out from the vibration testing results.
Introduction of Vibration Testing
Duration: 1 Day
January, May, September
Basic methodology on sinusoidal vibration, random vibration and shock / bump testing together with a background to the equipment required for each type of test.
Introduction of Vibration Measurement
Duration: 1 Day
March, July, December
Basic methodology on Vibration Measurement together with a background to the equipment required, measurement parameters, and post processing.


Basic Acoustic Measurement
Duration: 3 Days
This three days basic course covers fundamentals of acoustic with practical introduction of acoustic measurement and post processing.
Accelerate Testing
Duration: 2 Days
This three days advanced course provides advanced method of durability analysis with practical introduction of advanced fatigue damage calculation on durability testing.