Achieving earlier aircraft maturity and higher space system reliability are high on the agenda of every aircraft and space manufacturer and supplier. Like other industries, the aerospace sector faces a variety of new engineering challenges. How to significantly reduce time to market? How to successfully address the growing complexity of aircraft design and assembly? And how to guarantee that stringent aviation and space compliancy requirements are properly met?


The growing complexity of aircraft design leads to interdependent systems that not only necessitate far-reaching integration and continuous follow-up but also create new and more complex testing challenges.


Space system design involves meeting rigorous environmental constraints and stringent weight requirements. The payload must be able to withstand the pre-launch, the launch and flight path loading while delivering full functionality and avoiding damage to other critical components.

Application Examples

  • 350kN Vibration Test for 5 ton Space Satellite Payload
  • World Largest 700kN (Dual 350KN) Vibration Test for Space Vehicle Testing
  • Vibration Fatigue for Landing Gear Shock Absorber


350kN shaker system

The H3580A 350kN system coupled with our customised design 2.5m head expander and slip table is capable to handle dynamic payload of up to 5 ton. The ‘One System test’ simplifies the test setup whereas previously it was carried out using multiple shaker system configuration. The large force single point excitation reduces the control system complexity and provides a uniform vibration source


The Dual H3580A 350kN system coupled with our customised-design 5m diameter head expander redefine how the industry carry out vibration test on extremely large structures. The ‘Combo System’ is designed to handle dynamic payload of up to 10 ton satellite. With our high performance spherical hydrostatic bearing integrated on each shaker system, it provides excellent vibration transmissibility to the test unit as well as cross axial dynamic load compensation during the vibration test. The spherical bearing dampen the dynamic cross axial stress to the test system structure while maintaining the test axial magnitude for any torsion or resonance mode from the large test unit during the vibration test


Aircraft Landing Gear Suspension Dampener Fatigue Test carry out on a customized LS Series shaker unit with adjustable clamping jig for different DUT length. The system is capable of achieving continuous 90 mm peak to peak displacement