Products are vibration tested to determine limits and tolerances. Every product is vulnerable to vibration loads and potential breakage or failure. That includes tiny objects like microprocessors and circuit boards right up to giant structures like bridges and skyscrapers.

Vibration testing allows designers, engineers and manufacturers to know what stress limits their product can withstand.

Testing through vibrations ensures the product is qualified for its intended purpose and meets safety and regulatory standards, as well as complies with any International Standards Organization (ISO) requirements. Part of due diligence in vibration testing determines fatigue testing, failure limits and structural integrity screening.

Many industries routinely use vibration testing as part of their quality control program. Finding out what vibrations a product withstands before release makes good business sense. Known limitations allow the end user to employ their product safely and put it into trouble-free service.

Testing for vibration resistance prevents product recall, supports warranty conditions and provides excellent product purchase value.

With more than five decades of expertise in the business, we’ve created our own line of efficient instruments and tools to alleviate the need of several industries that include aerospace, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, locomotive, construction and more.

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