Condition Monitoring System has increased in importance as more engineering processes become automated and the manpower needed to operate and supervise was reduced.

The economics of industries has also changed, specifically  as a result of the privatization and deregulation of the energy industry in many countries, placing a greater significance on the importance of reliable operation and products.

Finally the availability of advanced electronics and software in powerful instrumentation, computers and digital signal processors has simplified and extended our ability to instrument and analyse machinery, including the visualization of  results from complex condition monitoring analysis. Hereafter, condition monitoring is now being applied to a wider range of systems, from fault-tolerant drives of a few hundred watts in the aerospace industry, to machinery of several hundred megawatts in major capital plant.

The rotating electrical machines exist in all areas of our modern life at both domestic and industrial level. The average modern home contains 20-30 electric motors in the range of 0-1 kW for domestic appliances, clocks, toys, air conditioning or heating systems. Modern cars use electric motors for windows, windscreen wipers and is reported to incorporate more than 120 separate electrical machines.

The overall picture is that electrical machines comes in many sizes and fulfill their function either independently or as a part of a highly complex process in which all elements must function smoothly so that production can be maintained and a careful thought  should be given to the most appropriate form of maintenance planning.




A SMART  Solution for a SMART generation is to monitor all the parameters that are most critical to your process and bring the right information to the right person at the right time through Predictive Maintenance.

The system has been specifically developed to provide Productivity, Maintenance and Connectivity.

Your Benefits:

  • greater efficiency
  • reduced capitalized losses due to breakdown
  • reduced replacement costs
  • improve product reliability

Managing 1, 100, 1000 machines…

  • user friendly MMI
  • full site “flat” view
  • filter on machines with problems

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Worldwide use

  • PC or MAC
  • Office, home, airport…
  • from 50 m to 10,000 km away

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 All your machines in a single applicationCMS_ETS_a unique display of your factory

CMS_ETS_a future of possibilities

A future of possibilities