Replacement Amplifiers

Designed for continuous operation with any electro-dynamic shaker

The ETS Solutions MPA Series amplifier family is a wide frequency band digital switching (Class D) Power Amplifier designed with latest state-of-the-art technology. A number of built-in features in the amplifier allow vibration testing to be simple and easy. The MPA amplifier series are made for continuous operation with each configuration adaptable to any existing or new air-cooled / water cooled electro-dynamic shaker. Amplifier outputs range from 1 KVA to 300 KVA.

The ETS Solutions IPA Series is an 4th generation high performance PWM switching (Class-D) power amplifier designed for continuous operation with any shaker system in the vibration testing industry. The IPA (Intelligent Power Amplifier) series amplifier have incorporated many new features and designs. The IPA amplifier uses a large touch screen user interface and the latest FPGA with DSP technology which is designed to drive and monitor its IGBT power modules output. A complete new design concept is taken to built-in a dedicated FPGA-PWM controller into each power module. The high-speed FPGA-PWM controller handles a closed loop digital signal processed pulse width modulation driving circuit to the IGBT FETs. An error control logic in the FPGA-PWM controller handles low output distortion with fast over-current and short-circuit protection on the IGBT FETs. The FPGD-PWM controller incorporates a synchronous phase logic control to ensure all power modules operates in phase and its output current are balanced. The touchscreen control provides clear and easy interface on the amplifier control and monitoring. It is also capable of remote control and monitoring function via the internet. This makes the IPA series amplifier the most user friendly, reliable and high performance switching amplifier for shaker system in the market. The amplifier outputs range from 30 kVA to 1,200 kVA.

Upgrading your old amplifier

Join the ETS Solutions Replacement Amplifier program.

Many customers have benefited by replacing old technologies with our latest amplifier designs. Old shakers systems are revived and the equipment useful life is extended.

Cost savings result from a reduction in:

  • Investment for new system
  • Service and maintenance fees
  • Energy cost
  • Equipment downtime

By upgrading from older inefficient amplifiers to the new MPA or IPA Series Power Amplifiers, operators can gain from the other benefits that the latest technology can offer. User friendly operations and interactive interface with the intelligence microprocessor control system.

The MPA and IPA Series amplifiers operates at over 90% efficiency, nearly double that of older amplifiers at only 50%. Other benefits can include space savings as the amplifiers are smaller in size, heat loss into the test area, all air cooled so no water cooling circuits required.

The biggest savings are in power consumption and the associated cost from this. Electricity bills can be dramatically reduced on larger systems by operating at these higher efficiency levels.

  • High conversion efficiency (greater than 93%) for energy saving.
  • High modulation switching frequency
  • Low total harmonic distortion (< 0.5% at typical testing frequency)
  • High signal to noise ratio (> 65%)
  • Exceeds ISO Peak current rating of 4-Sigma
  •  Intelligence microprocessor logic control and monitoring system
  •  Interactive system interface
  •  Interactive diagnostic “System Status” on touch screen for IPA Amplifiers
  •  Auxiliary Interlock Unit (AIU) for additional safety interlock I/O points (Optional)
  •  Remote control panel via RS485 communication (Optional)
  •  Soft-Start and Soft-Stop circuits
  •  Detailed scope of system interlock protection
  •  International compliance to safety and EMC standards
  •  Totally air cooled amplifier designed for continuous and safe thermal operation
  •  All-encompassing fuse protection  for high current system components
  •  Designed to reduced reliance on mechanical switchgears with CPU logic controlled
  •  Complies with USA, European and International safety and EMC regulations
  • Compact sized power module with large output (60 kVA each)
  • New design with High Speed IGBT technology
  • Interchangeable compact size power modules
  • Space saving compact size designs
  • Easy Maintenance and rapid  servicing
  • Worldwide Spare parts Support

MPA Amplifiers

MPA Amplifiers

IPA Amplifiers

*Specifications are correct at the time of publication. In keeping with our commitment to continuous product improvement, the information herewith is subject to change. ETS reserves the rights to amend specifications without prior notice.