Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive maintenance contracts provide essential back up and assurance of reliability to customers with heavy test schedules. We can offer tailor made contracts based on customer needs backed up by our highly skilled field service engineers. A typical program will include an annual strip down of the equipment and full performance testing in accordance with our quality procedures. During the period of maintenance intervention, damaged and worn parts are replaced, ensuring fault free operation during important test schedules. At the same time maintenance is being completed, controllers and associated equipment with the vibration system, can be calibrated to either ISO 9001 or UKAS standard.

Emergency call out cover is an option normally included within the contract and is based on your requirements, taking the systems history and extent of use into account. This gives an engineering response to visit site, normally with 24 to 48 hours. In the event of emergency cover becoming fully utilised before the contract has reached its end, a provision is made available to “top up” which will ensure continuation of cover. In the event of non-utilisation of any of the emergency cover fund, ETS will roll over 80% of the balance remaining, as an opening balance deposited into the new contract for the ensuing year.

Fully documented reports are completed thus ensuring the system has been fully maintained to our controlled maintenance procedures. Engineering information is inputted into our computer database and over time will provide full historical and statistical information for each system we maintain.  ETS can also offer special contracts to cover longer periods at very competitive prices. Typical is a two year contract with the first year incorporating a full strip down and the second year a system health check. This type of contract is tailored to “light use” systems and will reduce your system shutdown times and cost.