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Training Courses

Basic & Advanced Vibration Analysis

  • Explains how to interpret vibration test specifications and apply them to a vibration test system
  • More in-depth understanding into the various analysis that are carried out from the vibration testing results

Basic Acoustic Measurement

  • Designed to cover the basic of acoustic measurement
  • A useful refresher course for more experienced users
  • Explains how to interpret acoustic measurement result

Basic and Advanced Durability Analysis

  • Explains how to interpret durability test and measurement result
  • How to perform fatigue damage calculation

Introduction of Vibration Testing & Vibration Measurement

  • Designed to cover the basic methodology on sinusoidal vibration, random vibration and shock / bump testing
  • Basic methodology on Vibration Measurement

News & Events


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About Us

The ETS Solutions success has always been based on providing affordable systems with the latest technology and providing responsive timely service. Our talented engineering team works continuously on development of new products and improvement of the existing product range. This has enabled ETS Solutions to deliver products in a shorter time period without compromising quality or cost. We have been successful offering products that exceed the specifications of other vibration equipment manufacturers.

ETS Solutions is formed by a team of engineers with different professional experiences in the vibration and shock testing industry. With vast exposures and experiences of more than 50 years in the industry, we have the virtue of being leaner and high adaptability to integrate different advanced vibration and shock system technologies in our product.

Our superb engineering team works effortlessly in constant improvement of our product range with the latest available technology.

This enables us to improve our ability to deliver in a shorter time without compromising our excellent quality.

Now a major force in the industry, ETS Solutions offers a broad range of vibration testing equipment to a global base of customers. Installations in more than 30 countries attest to our global position. We have been given the opportunity by our value customers to offer their organization; reasonably priced systems, high performance, long term reliability and outstanding service.

Asia Pacific Strategic Business Unit

ETS Solutions Asia Pte Ltd, Asia Pacific head office, is a strategic business unit setup in 2009 with the head office located in Singapore. The ETS Solutions Asia Pacific SBU offers extensive turnkey solutions in the field of vibration and acoustic engineering. The SBU incorporates its own experiences in the field of vibration and shock testing with specialised solutions from other strategic partners for the customers in the Asia Pacific region from diversified industries. The office actively works to establish local teams or representatives in the region to offer our dedicated and direct support its regional customers in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Our Mission & Vision


To help our customer produce reliable products by utilizing our equipment and expertise. We strive to consistently deliver quality products, responsive service, and delivering the best value in the industry.


To be a leading innovator and solutions provider in the field of structural testing and measurement with comprehensive and cutting edge technologies.

ETS Experience

ETS Solutions has highly competent staff with vast experience in the development and production process. Our scope of business include the following:

Design, Develop and supply complex vibration, shock & Bump Testing Machine and solutions to wide spectrum of industry verticals like Aerospace, Space, Electronics, Automotive, Testing Laboratories & Medical.

Expert consultation
Solutions for most tasks
High quality and reliable products
Excellent response by qualified service engineers
Available worldwide

We Are Different

We are different from our competitors by virtue of being leaner, more flexible and integration of different vibration testing system technologies. Our superb technical team is constantly improving & innovating our products. This enables us to deliver in a shorter time without compromising our excellent quality.

The Management Team

Mauro joined ETS Solutions Asia in 2013 as a Regional Solutions Manager (Test & Measurement Division) and in 2015, he has been named General Manager. He leads a team of people, responsible for all technical, administrative, marketing and sales functions as well as the day-to-day operations of the business.

Mauro has over 16 years of experience in senior management positions across various industries. His expertise has been gained through various international groups from different industries such as Plastic industrial transformation, Agricultural machinery, Automotive and special machinery for military and civil market. From 2007, he was responsible for developing strategies and execution of growth programs in Europe, Asia and Middle East, establishing strong relationships with corporations from the various industries.

Director of Thailand office operation, a merger entity of DSS Asia and ETS Solutions in 2013. He has 13 years of engineering software specializing in CAD and CAE solutions with key position as VP of Sales in CAD-IT, an certified PLM consulting company. He has also spent another 2 years in LMS International NV responsible for channel management in the South East Asia markets. With vast engineering experiences over the years, he now leads a team of specialists in Noise and Vibration to support customers in advanced testing solutions.

Dr Apiwat, holds a Doctor of Engineering – Mechanical Systems Engineering from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology as well as a Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

With more than 20 years working experience in Engineering field, he is now Technical Manager in ETS Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Prior to ETS he has been working in Japan, where he supported 3D simulation software, mainly Virtual.Lab Motion, developed Electric Power Steering (EPS) and a new multibody systems dynamics analysis simulator. He has experience also as a Teaching Assistant at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, for Dynamics course, Design Engineer at Thai Alpha Consulting Engineers, Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand and Engineering Trainee, Thai Polyethylene Co., Ltd,. Rayong, Thailand where he assisted in maintenance the polyethylene plant and testing run the new polypropylene plant.

Dr Apiwat serves as a member of our team since May 2013 and along with our specialists he supports customers in vibration testing solutions and engineering services.

Mudit Jain is one of the founding members of the ETS India Operation. He is the Business Development Manager in charge of handling the business operations for ETS portfolio in the Southern India. Mudit holds a First Class Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialty in automation technologies. Mudit brings with him a wealth of experience in automation operations. This comes from working with Heavy Engineering companies across India managing the automation operations and also overlooking the Environmental testing facility primarily for quality control application.