In every industrial plant there will be failures of rotating machinery.

Industrial operations of every type and size, in every corner of the world, understand that in today’s business environment, effectively managing assets throughout their lifecycle can deliver real and on-going value and reduce total cost of ownership.

The food and beverages processing sector uses a broad range of equipment in its production operations including:

  • mixers
  • centrifuges
  • pumps
  • motors
  • air compressors
  • ovens
  • fans and conveyors

In each case, the equipment has to be maintained in perfect conditions, requiring a proactive approach to maintenance and condition monitoring.

Repeated failures in the food industry:

  • imbalance
  • gear failure
  • pump failure
  • bearing defects
  • shaft damage, chain broken, belt misalignment and broken in the flight/bucket elevator
  • chain broken, conveyor belt misalignment in the feed conveyor
  • chain and belt broken, belt misalignment, vibration in motor
  • high vibration levels on the motor and misalignment of the pulleys causes excessive energy consumption

Failures in food industry

For example, 2 important risks of a gearbox, pump or a compressor failure are:

  • lost time in production
  • serious economic impact on operations

Like valves, pumps tend to be taken for granted until one fails. And when a pump does fail, taking down a line, the questions are: What will it take to get the pump and the line back up and running? Can the pump be repaired in place? If it has to be removed and replaced, is there a spare immediately on hand? How long will it take to get the line back up? Who will do the work?

While many types of pumps haven’t seen sweeping changes in terms of architecture, new materials choices can extend uptimes and contribute to food safety, and electronic technology is coming online to predict failures and help the maintenance staff schedule preventative maintenance.

A periodic monitoring and measurement system will provide a simple and effective warning of impeding failure and the on-going cost savings are anticipated.

Selecting the best monitoring system for food and beverages processing, packaging and production machines depends on different factors:

  • availability of the plant
  • cost of breakdown
  • criticality of the machine, guarding, health and safety implications
  • environmental factors

We can provide solutions for both online and offline monitoring, with all our monitoring systems being designed for use in the toughest environments, including hazardous areas.

The benefits for using a condition monitoring system:

  • improve productivity
  • improve energy efficiency
  • minimize the risk of unplanned downtime
  • high quality
  • optimize design
  • optimize manpower resources
  • reduce time to market
  • reduce maintenance cost
  • reduce total cost of ownership
  • extends the useful life of equipment


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