ISO 20072

ISO 20072 is an important standard which applicable for Medical and Pharmaceutical industries. It is international standard that provides requirements and test methods for Aerosol Drug Delivery Device (ADDD) design verification. This international standard applies to hand-held single- and multi-use ADDDs intended to deliver a metered or pre-metered aerosolized medication to or by means of the human respiratory tract (including nasal, oral, tracheal, bronchial and alveolar sites). This International Standard applies to both refillable and disposable devices intended for personal use.

According to ISO 20072 clause 6.2.7, the ADDDs need to be subjected to:

  1. Vibration Test according to IEC 60068-2-64
  2. Shock Test according to IEC 60068-2-27

These tests are needed to simulate the transport of the ADDD by the operator during normal travel with any caps and/or specified or supplied protective carrying cases (ISO 20072: Annex C).

In order to be able to perform Vibration and Shock Tests according to IEC 60068, following items are needed:

  1. Vibration Shaker which can be used for Sine and Random Test up to 2000 Hz, and also 100 G Shock Test, with good uniformity and minimum cross axial movement.
  2. Vibration Controller which can perform Resonance Search, Random, and Shock Test.
  3. Well-designed fixture, with good transmissibility.

ETS SHAKER SERIES with New IPA Amplifier technology is designed to meet the requirement of various vibration and shock test standards. The Vibration Controller software has also been developed to ensure the testing accuracy.

Together with long experience in Vibration Fixture design, ETS is providing one stop solution service for Vibration and Shock Testing.