L Series

Ideal for screening of small electronic assemblies, automotive components, handheld units, storage devices, connectors

Designed to meet military and international test standards including MIL, ASTM, IEC, ISO, BS, JIS etc. A large diameter armature with high cross-axial stiffness will allow using a proportioned head expander to test multiple specimens simultaneously yet achieving good vibration transmissibility ratio. Other test requirements including transportation vibration simulation, combined vibration- climatic test and seismic simulations for small size components can easily be fulfilled by the “L” Series. ETS Solutions “L” Series is  a low cost vibration product qualification and testing solution for small sized test specimens.

  • Vibration system force rating from 200 kgf to 600 kgf
  • Specimen payload up to 300 kg
  • Excellent random performance meeting ISO standard with 3 sigma peak current rating
  • Armature diameters range from 150mm lo 230mm
  • Up to 51 mm continuous displacement
  • Test frequency up to 4,500 Hz
  • Automotive and aerospace component testing
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • In-house test and calibration facilities
  • General mechanical mobility measurements
  • ◎     Experimental modal analysis on most mechanical structures
  • ◎     Advanced structural dynamics investigations
  • ◎     Structural damage detection
  • ◎     Finite element model correlation
  • ◎     Ground Vibration Test
  • ◎      Modal Survey
  • Complies with USA, European and international safety and EMC regulations
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor logic control unit
  • Integration with unibase or standalone slip table
  • Reasonably priced optimal performance system for major test standards
  • Compact shaker and amplifier size saving valuable floor space
  • All-encompassing fuse protection designed for high current system components
  • Interactive diagnostic ‘System Status’ displayed on LCD
  • Compatible with all vibration controllers

*Specifications are correct at the time of publication. In keeping with our commitment to continuous product improvement, the information herewith is subject to change. ETS reserves the rights to amend specifications without prior notice.