Wind Turbine Test Systems

Turnkey system for realistic load simulation 

Large Roller Bearing Test RigLarge Roller Bearing Test System

Wind turbine uses quite large bearings (over 3 meters diameter) and blades with increasing length (from 40 meters onwards). The weight of the blades can be over 10 ton each and the wind speed is quite strong.

The resulting stresses are high and need to test all these components very important.

Large Roller Bearing Test Rig - Various Moments

Wind Turbine Blade Dynamic Load Test - Overview

The wind turbine blades are tested both in static test condition and dynamic test condition. For the static test the blade end is bended for about 20 meters.

A special design actuator with a stroke of 10 meters is used in combination with a lever that doubles the stroke. The total moment is around 50MNm.

For dynamic test, it is necessary to search the resonance frequency so that the endurance test can be carried-out tracking this frequency. Special actuators 130 kN dynamic force and 2 meters stroke have been designed and supplied for this purpose.

Wind Turbine Blade Mounting
Wind Turbine Blade Dynamic Load Test

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