Railway Test Systems

Large scale turnkey solutions to qualify your locomotive

Railway Boogie

Boogie Test RigsBoogie Test Rigs - WheelBoogie Test RigsBoogie Test Rigs - FrameBoogie Test Rigs - Control System (1)Boogie Test Rigs – Control System

The railways boogie is the basic component that requires endurance test consisting in the reproduction of the vertical and longitudinal loads time histories.

Correct cross-couplings between vertical loads and longitudinal load is essential to reproduce accurately field conditions in laboratory.

High speed trains and so the need to consider weight and modal resonance of the frame have dramatically changed the conservative approach of the past.

Quickly adaptable reaction frame crossbeams and actuators position is provided with these types of test systems.

3 D.O.F. Air Springs Test Rig (1)3 D.O.F. Air Springs Test RigAir Spring on Train BoogieAir Spring on Train Boogie

Air springs are widely used to mount the carriage on boogies. They are subjected to multiple degrees of freedom load excitations with quite large displacements.

To comply with this need have been built peculiar rigs capable to reproduce these extreme conditions.

Shock Absorber Test RigShock Absorber Test RigShock Absorber Test Rig (2)

There is a large variety of Shock absorbers for railway application depending upon their task and mounting position.

Test rigs for these shock absorbers must have high flexibility and a wide number of adapters and gripping devices.

Shock Absorber
Turnkey Rails Test SystemsTurnkey Rails Test SystemsTurnkey Rails Test Systems - DUTTurnkey Rails Test Systems – DUTRails Test Systems

Rails and fixing elements are subjected to constant stress and environmental conditions so need to be carefully tested. Testing machines have been delivered to satisfy this specific need.

The testing includes special polymer based grids used as concrete reinforcement for the platforms on which the rails are fixed.

RailsRails (2)
Wheel Test Rig (2)Wheel Test Rig - with DUTWheel Test Rig

Wheel set are extremely safety critical components. Unfortunately several accidents have occurred being caused by these components. Wheel sets are subjected to severe test and instrumented with strain gauges to ensure correct stress distribution during field loads reproduction.

Usually wheel set are subjected to multi-axial type of loading.

Wheel FEM
Train Door Test System (1)

Doors are also subjected to continuous operation and require attention for their integrity vs. Use.

Train Door
Coil Spring Test System

Part of the suspension of the bogies use coil and leaf springs.

Springs are divided in primary and secondary type and need both to be tested and carefully measured in order to be matched for correct mounting.

Leaf Spring Test System

Leaf springs test rigs differ from coil spring rigs due to form and dimensions of these components. In both cases are needed large loads and displacements.

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