MAST Systems

High performance complex system for sophisticated multi-axis simulation

MAST Setup Outline

Multi-Axis Shaker Tables applies a wide range of vibration test for the studies of transportation and vibration resistance of applications.

The MAST table are designed with different D.O.F. in order to meet application/ customer need.

For seats, dashboards and other interior parts, Servo2K is able to manufacture sophisticated multi-axis simulators that allow the specimens to be excited simultaneously in all 6 spatial degrees of freedom. This allows for realistic simulation of a broad range of anticipated load events.

MAST systems are widely used for scale-model of building and component to evaluate earthquake resistance.

Among the components to be tested on MAST tables one of the most common are electronic and power cabinets to be used in nuclear power plant. Earthquakes conditions are simulated to check their resistance and reliability.

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