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Steering Gear Functional Test Rig

Suspension Behaviour Diagram
The single axle 11 D.O.F. K&C Rig TITAN allows the accurate characterisation of passenger cars and light commercial vehicle’s suspensions as well as stand-alone one wheel or single axle suspensions.
Kinematic & Compliance Test on Suspension

The K&C can perform the following tests:
– Toe change
– Camber change
– Wheel-base change
– Track change
– Wheel vertical rate
– Steering axis properties

Wheel Base Test Axis

TITAN features:
– very high stiffness of reaction frame
– High precision 6 D.O.F. wheel and wheel pan measurement by means of infrared shirt’s button size emitters and cameras.
– 3 D.O.F. mapping of car body deformation around loaded wheel
– single set-up for front and rear suspension’s measurement thanks to PLC controlled sliding table
– steering wheel drive by means of retractable arm
– 6 D.O.F. load platform with hub for digital transmission of forces data to DSP based decoding unit (one digital serial cable for 12 conditioners).
– Speed adjustable movie for 6 D.O.F. movements recorded during the test.

6DOF Test System - Complete

The 6 D.O.F. single axle test rig is capable to reproduce on a vehicle’s suspension the following road excitations:
– Vertical jounce motion
– Fore/aft displacement and loads
– Lateral displacement and loads
– Steering angles and torque
– Camber angle and torques

6 DOF Wheel Force Transducer

6 D.O.F. wheel force transducer mounted between wheel and spindle allows accurate field load histories. ITRM_Pro software suite allows high accuracy multi-axial time histories reproduction in laboratory.

Test Axial

The digital control electronics EU3000 features advanced control mode like:
– gain profiling
– modal control
– rain flow control and monitoring
– real time iteration
– peak & phase control

Four Poster on Race Rally Car

The Four Poster rig is used to test passenger cars and small trucks. Servo2K can offer a complete range of ride simulators for NVH, Squeak & Rattle and Endurance testing applications.

High side load actuators with very low friction levels and high accuracy combined with sophisticated control electronics allow replication of service life conditions.

Four Poster Rigs in Climatic Walk In Chamber

From two posters for Motorbike testing to 12 channels tire coupled Four Poster; SERVO2K can deliver the system to suit customer’s requirements.

Control Panel for Wheel Track & Axle Positioning.jpg

Road Simulators can be man rated, remotely controlled with wheel track and axle distance automatic adjustment.

Four Adjustable Wheel Pans
Shock Absorber Testing System

Shock absorbers cover a wide range of applications from bicycles to motor bike, from passenger cars to truck and military vehicles. SERVO2K is capable of delivering Shock Absorbers machines to cover all applications.

Race Car Shock Absorber Testing System

Current applications include research and development, quality auditing and mass production. SERVO2K can cover each specific needs delivering tailored machines to suit customer’s needs.

High throughput, repeatability, durability for mass production.

Accurate measurement of in-service characteristics, side loads additional forces and multi – specimen type of machines.

Cutting edge motor-sport shock absorber testing machines.

3 Channel Steering Gear Endurance Rig with Climatic Chamber
Steering Gear Endurance Rig - Test Actuators
Steering Gear Endurance Rig – Test Actuators

Steering column assemblies are characterized by the large number of models and solutions. Test systems need to be flexible to cover different models, in-car positions and environmental conditions.

Accuracy and repeatability are a must considering that, by their nature; steering gears are extremely safety critical.

Functional rig Sphere is capable of measuring accurately most of functionality of different steering gears models.

Multi-axial durability test systems, 3 to 7 axis, allow reproductions of fatigue block profiles as well as the reproduction of field time histories. Environmental conditions can be simulated while the test article is subjected to endurance.

Full Steering Gear Test RigsFull Steering Gear Test Rigs - Wheel BaseFull Steering Gear Test Rigs - Wheel Base Cross Section

Tire Coupled Steering Gear Test Rig
This rig allows the characterisation of the full steering chain as mounted on the car. The main target is to study the friction behaviour of the steering and replace the units which are no longer serviceable. The wheel pan is supported by hydrostatic air bearings.
Rated torque: +/- 200 Nm
Nominal angle : +/- 55 degrees

Alternate Torque Rotating System Clutch Disc

The Alternate Torque Rotating system ATR is designed to characterise clutches and Flying Wheel Dampers. The system uses the state of the art rotating torsion actuator. The ATR in its basic version features +/- 1 kN, +/- 1 degree alternate angle at 60 Hz and 6,000 rpm.

A cost effective camera can record the movement of the springs at different speed up to 6,000 rpm.

Rotation Shaft Test RigSeries Rotating Drive Shaft Test RigSeries Rotating Drive Shaft Test Rig

The drive train is mainly comprising propeller shaft, U-joints, differentials, half-shafts and constant velocity joints.

Each of these parts can be tested in static conditions or while rotating. In static conditions alternate torque are applied to the specimen without its rotation. To reproduce test conditions closer to reality, the specimen is subjected to rotation while alternate torque fatigue is applied. In the rotating type of test rigs are usually tested more than one specimen at the time, by chaining them together.

4 Square Test System for Half Shafts4 Square Test System for Half Shafts

In addition to alternate torque and rotation the Four Square rig allows the input of jounce motion and steering effects on half-shafts. ITRMPro software allows the simulation of field recorded time histories.

Wheel Bearing Durability Test RigWheelRim Durability Test RigRim Durability Test Rig

Wheel rims are safety critical components. They need to be carefully tested according European and International testing procedures.

Exhaust Piping Test System (2)

Exhaust test systems enable high frequency vibration to be reproduced in either a dummy or live engine manifold to simulate engine vibration. A burner allows to test the exhaust pipe system at field operating temperature.

Exhaust Piping

3-axis Sub-frame Endurance Rig in Corrosive Environment3-axis Sub-frame Endurance Rig in Corrosive Environment

Light truck aluminium sub-frames require endurance testing in corrosive fluid. Custom multi-axis endurance testing machines have been delivered to suit this need. The sub-frame or part of it is mounted in an autoclave and subjected to multiple loading.

Towing Eye Test SystemTowing Eye Tester

Towing eyes are also safety critical components and need
To be tested according specific norms.

Tow Eye

Towing Eye Tester

Biaxial Elastomer Test RigBiaxial Elastomer Test Rig

There is a large variety of elastomers that differs for dimensions and applications.

The picture beside shows some of them used for the engine. Several other are used for suspension and non-automotive application as well.

4 D.O.F. Elastomer Test Rig4 D.O.F. Elastomer Test Rig
600Hz Elastomer Test Machine600Hz Elastomer Test Machine


Multi-Axial Bushing Testing Machines

Multi – and Uni – axial testing machines featuring field loads data reproduction for axle bushing, engine mounts, damper bushing etc.

Endurance test and characterisation are most common test.

Engine mount, Axle Bushing
Multi-Axial Bushing Testing Machines Report