Refurbished your old equipment and extend its lifespan

Over the years we have developed the capability to rebuild armatures and replacement field coils for systems originating from the world’s top manufacturers. These are built to the highest standards, using the latest technologies and materials at very competitive prices. We also stock certain types of replacement field coils and exchange armatures to support our customers.

Most manufactures power modules can be repaired and fully tested in our amplifier section at our facility.

Most models of Vibrators and Bearings can be upgraded in displacement to long stroke operation, either by using our Carbon fibre design, UNI-Flex design or our softer half loop flexures. These upgraded designs are both field proven from 1″ (25.4 mm) P-P displacement to 2″ (50.8 mm). Upgrade modifications can be carried out either in our factory at ETS or at a customer’s site.

ETS Solutions specialize in the supply, rebuild and repair of bearing guide slip tables for all models and manufacturers. The hydrostatic and low-pressure bearings can be either manufactured from new, or fully refurbish the customer’s existing bearings. New slip tables can be supplied in various sizes, thickness and shapes, with the customers required matrix fixing hole patterns. Together with our knowledge and skills at ETS, we can integrate your existing vibrator into a combination base with our supplied slip table. Please enquire for more details. Armature Guidance Hydrostatic Bearings ETS can supply all types of hydrostatic bearings for the high force range shakers worldwide.

ETS can now supply entire pre-owned vibration systems and upgrade customer owned systems to the latest specification and safety standards.

Refurbishment can include the supply of digital switching power amplifiers, installation of computer-based controllers, the modification of the vibrator to long stroke operation, using our new ‘Uni-Flex’ armature suspension system. This suspension system is capable of 51 mm (2 in) displacement and can be fitted to existing 25 mm (1 in) stroke vibrators as part of a refurbishment program ETS are able to provide to the customer either complete new state of the art vibration test systems, from 50 KN to 18 tons force, or fully refurbished systems readily available from stock.