Smart organizations know they can no longer afford to see maintenance as only an expense. Rather, maintenance must be integrated within the business cycle in order to guarantee predictability, growth and increase the overall quality of operations.

The objective of the Predictive Maintenance is the implementation of a simple checking routing as a complement of any plan maintenance routine already in place to analyze any abnormal malfunction noise, vibration, overheat during regular running of the machinery. This solution is based on the fact that most machines provide warnings prior to a big failure. This checking routing is based on the following non-destructive test that could be requested by any Vessel Classification Society:


  • Polarization index
  • Hi Pot
  • Impulse
  • Thermograph
  • Current injection
  • Dielectric oil analysis
  • Spectral current analysis


  • Vibration
  • Lube Oil analysis
  • Ultrasound Thickness Measurements
  • Ppm content
  • Others: Dye Check, Magnaflux, and Magnetic particles

Moving from a regime of scheduled rule-based maintenance to a data-driven risk-based regime can lead to more accurate and timely maintenance resulting in increased safety, lower costs and greater availability of ship systems.

One example is smart sensors. They are installed on the vessel and sift through large amounts of data, streamlining the information that gets passed on to specialists. Critical components can be monitored more closely, sending data to shore through fast, reliable connections. Innovations such as cloud computing allow this information to be stored, distributed and managed efficiently. Collecting and analyzing such data can reduce costs for maintenance, repairs, insurance, down times and fuel consumption.

These systems can lead to a real-time, risk-based maintenance approach where the condition of components is estimated at the system level. Reliability and risk indicators can then be evaluated in real-time to prioritize maintenance actions on individual components.

In short, this gives a more comprehensive view of a ship. We can evaluate the importance of every component based on real data and predict its remaining life-time. This is helpful when it comes to prioritizing maintenance and repairs and enables more intelligent investment decisions.

This smarter view of maintenance allows for achieving many practical advantages leading to lower costs and increased safety and availability of ship systems.

Any unexpected breakdown leading to vessel unavailability at sea would have dramatic economic consequences. Ships have limited time in port and any unnecessary downtime must be avoided.

Our full range of Predictive Maintenance solutions, make possible to:

  • Find possible hide damage not able to be identifying during a regular visual inspection
  • Monitor drilling machines or key site equipment such as cranes, using online wireless sensors
  • Monitor the most critical machines, such as bow thrusters, with online system
  • Measure and diagnose auxiliaries, with checks carried out by any staff thanks to a smart portable data collector

Your advantages:

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime
  • Prevent Equipment Failures
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Identify Under-performing Equipment
  • Improve Safety

A SMART Solution for a SMART generation.