It is now well recognized that, particularly in the case of large and expensive plant, it is more economical and operationally satisfactory to carry out regular maintenance. This involves the maintenance of the machine or its various components at regular intervals, to reduce the probability of failure.

A satisfactory compromise in terms of maintenance strategy is to carry out preventive maintenance at irregular intervals based on the actual condition of the machine. In this case, is essential to have knowledge of the machine condition and its rate of change with time.

The main function of condition monitoring is to provide this knowledge. 

Maintenance, operations, and reliability engineers and technicians rely on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance techniques to ensure critical equipment such as turbines, generators, pumps, compressors, and motors operate more efficiently and last longer.

ETS_CMS_Improving your maintenance

Our condition monitoring systems are easy to use and extremely reliable.

They enable you to save on maintenance and operating costs by ensuring  that your rotating machinery run smoothly at all times.