I Series

Screening of medium sized assemblies with extreme high acceleration test level and high frequency range

The “I” Series exceeds typical vibration test requirements of other medium to large sized electronic assemblies, automotive parts, aviation and avionics parts. The “I” Series is designed to meet military and international test standards including MIL, ASTM, IEC, ISO, BS and JIS. The Extreme Acceleration Shaker Y-Ring (EAS-Y Ring) armature is a revolutionary design which allows  using a proportioned head expander to test multiple specimens simultaneously at extreme high acceleration level. Other test requirements including transportation vibration simulation combined vibration-climatic test and seismic simulations for small size components can easily be fulfilled by the ETS “I” Series.

  • Max Rated acceleration: 180G
  • Rugged trunnion design with bearing guidance
  • Air bag isolator built-in reducing dynamic floor stress
  • Light weight solid ring on frame armature design for high acceleration performance (no multiple  windings)
  • Dynamic and static armature centering available
  • Roller-truss flexure suspension system with high cross-axial stiffness
  • Armature water-cooled and shaker air-cooled
  • High voltage power amplifier: IGBT +PWM modulation
  • Automotive and aerospace parts and modules testing
  • Low frequency road simulation test on product and vehicle parts
  • Product packaging testing
  • Transportation stress screening on product
  • Simple system operation
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor logic control unit
  • High-energy conversion efficiency Amplifier (greater than 90%)
  • All-encompassing fuse protection designed for high current system components
  • Detailed scope of system interlock protection
  • Complies with USA, European and international safety and EMC regulations
  • Compatible with all vibration controllers
  • Remote control panel available with full Amplifier features
  • Low-profile body design ready for chamber integration
  • Integration with unibase or standalone slip table
  • Simple initial self-system setup
  • Interactive diagnostic ‘System Status’ displayed on LCD

*Specifications are correct at the time of publication. In keeping with our commitment to continuous product improvement, the information herewith is subject to change. ETS reserves the rights to amend specifications without prior notice.