BT Series

High performance solutions to provide optimum test platform with any shaker combination for horizontal vibration testing that requires high over-turning moment and cross-axial restraint.

710 Journal Bearings

The BT Series design provides a high over-turning moment and cross-axial restraint. This concept combines a standard slip table assembly with high pressure 3000 PSI hydrostatic bearings to provide high dynamic moment restraint while preserving the damping characteristics of guide oil film.

This system allows testing of heavy products with high center of gravity by reacting moments through the hydrostatic bearings.

  • Standard 710 Hydrostatic Journal Bearings to restrain high pitch, roll and yaw moments High pressure 3000 PSI Hydraulic Power Supply
  • Light weight magnesium slip plate
  • Precision coupling
  • Excellent force transmission
  • Integrated Pressure Interlocks
  • Built in reservoir oil filter
  • Horizontal vibration test that requires high cross axial restraint
  • Aerospace component test
  • Avionics sensors and instrumentations
  • Large and tall structures tests
  • Mil-STD testing for high precision electrical and mechanical¬† components
  • Heavy products testing with high centers with restraint moments by hydrostatic bearings
  • Natural granite table slab for life long operation
  • Low profile reaction mass with total system isolation (Less than 5 Hz)
  • Stiffened and welded steel body design with high mass to force ratios
  • Geared Aided Rotation (ETS system only)
    Rotation of the shaker body to work with the slip table is achieved by either ratchet crank rotation or chain wheel gear reducer. Rotating of the shaker is perform with ease by the rotation aid. Mechanical stop is installed to align the shaker with slip table precisely.
  • Safety Protection
    The stainless steel guard is installed in front of slip plate. The safety protection prevents any operators from putting their fingers into the oil trough. It will prevent any falling foreign particles or contaminants from falling into the oil trough during the test.
  • Unibase Slip Table
    The unibase design is the optimized solution for horizontal vibration testing. The common base reinforced assembly allows easy and consistent alignment between shaker and the slip table. The low profile concept conveniently fit for environmental testing with chamber.
1.2m x 1.2m GT Series unbase slip table
  • Standalone Slip Table
    The standalone design, an independent steel platform supported by the levelling feet. The customised design allows the feasibility of any vertical shaker from ETS or other manufacturers (existing or new) to couple with the standalone slip table assembly.
1.5m x 1.5m Stand Alone BT Series Slip Table
  • Combo Shaker Operation Mode for Large Slip Table
    Multi shakers can be designed to operate on one large standalone slip table on a push-push or push-pull configuration.
    The large slip table can be configured to with dual (or more) and single shaker operation mode depending on the test requirement.
2.5m x 2.5m BT Series stand alone slip table with dual shaker for push-push configuration 4m x 3m BT Series stand alone slip table Slip Table Upgrade
  • Designed for combined environment applications available
    Integration with climatic chamber can be customised to match different table sizes.
Slip table combined with enviromental test chamber
  • Electrical Rotation Unit
    Rotation of the shaker body to work with the slip table can be carried out with no effort with the Electrical Rotation Unit option. Rotating of the shaker is controlled by a push button control. Mechanical stop is installed to align the shaker with slip table precisely.
Electrical Rotation Unit
  • Thermal Barriers
    Glass fibre thermal insulating sheet is available when the slip table is to be integrated with the chamber for combined vibration-temperature testing. The thermal barrier isolate the slip plate.
Thermal Barrier
  • Air Isolation Feet
    Optional air isolation feets prevent the vibration from the shaker during operation from transmitting to the floor and building. The need for a seismic base can be eliminated.
Air Isolation Feet
  • Levelling Feet
    The levelling feet is combined with the outrigger support and adjustable foot. The levelling feet could provide efficient precision mounting and swift screw adjustment. This allows consistent and solid support for the heavy assembly.
Levelling Feet
  • T-Film Bearing
    Optional T-Film hydrostatic bearing to provide higher cross axial restraint is available for large slip table configuration.
T-Film Bearing