L Series shakers are a cost effective solutions for product testing and stress screening of small components such as electronic sub-assemblies, automotive components, connectors and portable music devices.

  • Specimen payload up to 154 lb (70 kg)
  • Armature diameter: 5.9 in (150mm)
  • Servo controlled operation up to 1 in (25.4 mm) continuous displacement
  • Available as a Unibase slip table in aluminium or magnesium tool plate
  • Rugged trunnion design with air isolation with dual support bearing guidance
  • Usable frequency range from DC to 4,500Hz


We understand that test requirements constantly change and equipment must be versatile in its application. That is why the engineers at ETS Solutions offer such a wide choice of options and accessories. We are here to help and respond to a customers needs.

  • Load attachment inserts with Metric and American threads
  • PCD insert patterns to match existing jigs and fixtures
  • Armature frames in Magnesium or Aluminium
  • Motorized Shaker Body Rotation System
  • Enclosed Air Inlet and Outlet Ducts
  • Air Isolation Mounts
  • Air Glide Casters
  • Unibase Slip Tables
  • Standalone Slip Tables
  • Slip Tables to any Size and Shape
  • Additional BT Series journal bearings
  • Thermal Barriers for use with Climatic Chambers
  • Slip Plates in Magnesium or Aluminium
  • Gun Drilled Slip Plates for low temperature applications
  • Head Expanders and Vertical Support Platforms
  • Customized Fixtures -Cube, L type and T type
  • Auxiliary Interlock Unit for additional safety Interlock
  • Remote Control Panel via RS485 data communication